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Birthday: May 7, 1962

Birth place: Niigata

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Recent Papers (For more information see Research Map.)

l        Functional equations for Selberg zeta functions with Tate motives, (with Nobushige Kurokawa), Journal of Number Theory (to appear) (2021) (PDF)

l        Variations of Ramanujan's Euler Products, (with Nobushige Kurokawa), International Mathematics Research Notices (to appear) (2021) (PDF)

l        Corrigendum and Addendum to: Equidistribution of Eisenstein Series in the Level Aspect, (with Ikuya Kaneko), Communications in Mathematical Physics 380 (2020) 523-533. (PDF)

l        Estimates of Lattice Points in the Discriminant Aspect over Abelian Extension Fields, (with Wataru Takeda), Forum Mathematicum 30 (2018) 767-774. (PDF)

l        Refinement of prime geodesic theorem, Proceedings of the Japan Academy 92A (2016) 77-81. (PDF)

l        Triple mean values of Witten L-functions, (with N. Kurokawa), Monatshefte fur Mathematik 181 (2016) 405-418. (PDF)

l        Correction to ``L-infinity norms of eigenfunctions for arithmetic 3-manifolds,'' Duke Mathematical Journal 165 (2016) 413-415. (PDF)

l        Counting and zeta functions over F1, (with A. Deitmar and N. Kurokawa), Abhandlungen aus dem Mathematischen Seminar der Universitat Hamburg 85 (2015) 59-71. (PDF)

Shin-ya Koyama


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